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Rapid City's Best Chefs

"Easily one of the Best Restaurants in Rapid City - in the Whole Midwest"

"Finally - Healthy Fine Dining in Rapid City"

"Casual & Interesting Atmosphere - Uniquely Delicious"


Press Coverage


It's easy to see why The Corn Exchange is considered by many to be one of the best restaurants in Rapid City and the surrounding Black Hills / Mt. Rushmore area. MJ and The Corn Exchange have been featured in Food Arts Magazine, (June, 2000), Elle (January, 2002), Lexus Magazine (November 2002), three times in Gourmet (October, 2003 and June, 2005, October 2007). She was showcased on Rachael Ray’s Forty Dollars a Day in March of 2005, and subsequently in the magazine Everyday With Rachael Ray. The Restaurant was also written up in the August 23rd Travel Section of the Washington Post, as well as the September 3, 2005 travel section of the New York Times. The Corn Exchange was recommended in an article in CNN online Travel. Most recently she was featured in the November, 2005 issue of Better Homes and Gardens, Frommers Budget Travel and South Dakota Magazine and had a feature recipe in the September 2007 issue of Bon Appetit. The restaurant was also selected by Food & Wine magazine in October of 2006 as one of America’s 50 Most Amazing Wine Experiences!

Press Articles

  James Beard Foundation
James Beard Foundation Awards, 2008
Artisanal America - The Craft of Cuisine
Featured as a Guest Chef
Gourmet Magazine, October 2009
Buffalo Bolognese
M.J. Adams' menus follow the seasons...
organic haute bistro cuisine
Men's Journal, June/July 2010
Great Chefs Invade The National Parks - Cuisine Worthy of the Scenery!
Organic haute bistro cuisine...
plate magazine
Plate, December 2009
A Pioneer's Pantry
Gourmet, October 2007
America's Favorite Farm-To-Table Restaurants
Bison World
Bison World, July/August/September 2007
Organic & Artisinal Ingredients...
Ground Buffalo Empanadas
how to get your family to try new foods
Better Homes and Gardens, November 2005
Spirit of the Heartland
M.J. Adams knows how to get your family to try new foods: Be low-key and wait it out. For example, try her idea for Brussels sprouts: Sauté a sweet onion, add sprouts, butter, sage, chicken broth, potatoes, and salt. Cook until tender and pureé into a soup. M.J. is a determined woman who gave up fast-track restaurant success in New York to open The Corn Exchange in Rapid City, South Dakota, to be closer to her family.
»  Get your family to try new foods
Best Buffalo Meat in Rapid City
Bon Appétit, September 2007
Featured recipe
Buffalo Meatloaf with Spinach and Roasted Baby Potatoes


»  Dining out in Rapid City - Less fat and cholesterol
sophisticated atmosphere
Budget Travel
Road Trip
"The room feels both sophisticated and homey--with a tin ceiling, hardwood floors, and exposed brick--and M.J. dotes on all her customers, including us."
»  Unique dining atmosphere in Rapid City
crab cakes, grilled quail, and crème brûlée in Rapid City
Elle, January 2002
Haute on the Prairie, Amy O'Connor and Bryan Miller
Priced out of Manhattan, a culinary frontierswoman is betting that the West can be won with crab cakes, grilled quail, and crème brûlée.
»  Crab cakes in Rapid City, SD
fine dining in South Dakota
Everyday with Rachael Ray, June/July 2006
The Dakota Kid, photographs by Steve Giralt
The chef, M.J. Adams, isn't just on a mission to bring fine dining to South Dakota; she's also out to demystify the experience.
»  Fine dining in South Dakota
fine wines in Rapid City
Food & Wine, October 2006
America's Fifty Most Amazing Wine Experiences 
#40 The Corn Exchange, SD Chef-owner MJ Adams had no trouble finding an audience for her cosmopolitan French-inspired dishes....Adams has been able to offer the wines she loves most: boutique, value-priced French bottlings. 
»  Best wine list in Rapid City
best organic food - fresh ingredients - in Rapid City, SD
Gourmet, June 2005

The best food in the region is served at The Corn Exchange, in the historic district, where chef-owner M.J. Adams mixes meat and potato dishes with organic creations made from fresh ingredients.
»  Organic cuisine in the Black Hills
great restaurants in Rapid City
South Dakota Magazine, May/June 2007
M.J. Adams' Corn Exchange Bistro: She's a friend to local farmers, Bernie Hunhoff
"The restaurant was never about money," Adams says. "It's about a passion for good food, and a great restaurant really tries to highlight what's good around it." 
»  A restaurant with locally grown meats and produce
Rapid City Chef Reviews
Gourmet, October 2003
Gourmet Travels: Straight from the Heartland
Adams, who trained at the French Culinary Institute, had already made it in that toughest of cities, New York, receiving a rave review in The New York Times when she was head chief at Seasons, in Brooklyn.  
»  Gourmet food in Rapid City, South Dakota
slow food - french dining
Sioux Falls Argus Leader, July 16, 2006
Corn Exchange a dining oasis, Jarrett C. Bies
Slow-food-centric and wonderfully decorated, The Corn Exchange is the perfect choice for drivers who want an amazing French-laced dining experience and are not worried about a leisurely reprieve from the front seat, the traffic and the scenery. 
»  Best dining experience in Rapid City
slow food - french dining
The Daily Beast, The Buzz Board, July 14, 2009
Smart people Recommend, Deborah Madison
(author, chef)
Despite evidence that there’s good road food, in my experience it’s hard to find. A 2,000-mile drive last week over the edges of the Great Plains yielded nothing to eat—that is until we got to South Dakota and fell into MJ Adam’s little bistro, The Corn Exchange
»  comfort and care, well-cooked food, a fine wine list...
slow food - french dining, Eating At The Corn Exchange, Aug. 3, 2009
A Gem In Rapid City, Deborah Madison
(author, chef)
As much as possible, Adams uses local ingredients. Other quality foods are brought in. In order to have good olive oil, marinated anchovies, organic Straus dairy, and cheeses and olives more interesting than those found in Safeway, Adams jumps through hoops and brings food in. 
»  You will leave well-fed and refreshed...

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The Corn Exchange Restaurant & Bistro
727 Main Street, Rapid City, SD
One door off Mt. Rushmore Rd., diagonal from The Radisson Hotel
(605) 343-5070
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